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Storm and Typhoon to guard a safe air!

22 Mar 2021

We have great news again, friends!

We are to install super powerful air disinfecting units at the exhibition venue. These devices are officially named as ‘bactericidal air disinfecting recirculators of Purge Technology Company’. The units differ in power and capacity in terms of covered area and bear bold names like ‘Storm’, ‘Typhoon’, ‘Pantera’ (Russian for panther), ‘Smertch’ (Russian for tornado) and others. Airports, train stations and factories, taxis, government agencies and other places with a lot of visitors are equipped with disinfectants of such a kind.

We chose the most powerful units with such a capacity as to coverer the existing exhibition space three times as much, in order to enhance the disinfecting effect and be absolutely confident for the safe and virus-free air and atmosphere on the exhibition floor. The manufacturer claims that it is safe to stay even without medical masks in the areas equipped by the disinfecting units, since the air becomes almost sterile as a result of the operation of the devices, especially taking into account the increased capacity of the equipment we are to install.

So, if you are still worried about the epidemiological situation, this news is exactly for you. Don’t hesitate to visit the exhibition! We make sure that every visitor feels safe.

And it is worth to mention that we are proud to find out that such great equipment is manufactured locally. By the way, at the exhibition you can see it at operation and even touch (carefully!). And, if you wish, you can purchase a small portable disinfecting device for your home. Representatives of the manufacturing company will be nearby ready to answer all questions. You can get details on the recirculators on the website: https://purgetech.shop/

Among our AntiCovid measures we provide a clean, uncontaminated and safe air at the Moscow Dive Show 2021