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The Moscow Dive Show 2022 Preparation Process Recent Updates

15 Jul 2021

Almost tropical heat in Russia this year makes people seek shelter near water, though The Moscow Dive Show team continues to work hard organizing the next edition, to be held February 17 to 20 in Gostiny Dvor fairground. So now we are pleased to share with you the recent important updates on the process as with our future exhibitor or visitor :

- Repeated exhibitor booth confirming phase is over now. We are proud to note that more than 90% of our exhibitors stay with us for the next edition, many of them booked more space than for 2021. 10% postponed their decision until September. Only 4 companies definitely refused to participate in 2022 (their total booth area was 22 sq.m.).

- Major "anchor" exhibitors who missed the show in 2021 return to our site. Imprex (TUSA, Waterproof, Light&Motion, IQ-UW) and Ru Dive Group have signed contracts and chosen big booths.

- The exhibition hall floor plan has changed. We moved the conference hall to the far left corner and placed two "island” booths instead, Z1 and Z2, with great location and good visibility from the entrance. If you have not decided yet that location to choose for your booth, it is worth to consider these options.

- The Maldives. They are about to make the presentation more wide and active through B2B meetings, presentations on the main stage, consultations with representatives of individual islands. Special focus will be given to development of tourist flow to far northern and southern atolls. At that The Ministry of Tourism of the Maldives is in the process of negotiating for the 2022 Show Partner Country.

- Egypt. We pay special attention to this region, which, despite all bans, steadily holds the first place by the number of trips made by divers from Russia and the former Soviet Union countries. Charter flights from Russia have been allowed recently and we expect that this fact will give a strong positive impulse not only for the Egyptian diving industry, but also for the whole Russian market.

"EGYPT” Sector. Special Sector A4 is allocated for participants representing Egypt. It will differ from the rest part of exhibition in terms of constructions and visualization means to attract additional attention of visitors. Booths of liveaboards , hotels and diving centers will be located along the perimeter, and the internal space will be equipped with tables and chairs to talk with visitors (shared additional communication area). Big palm trees will contribute to coziness and vacation atmosphere, and printed banners at the entrance will present information on all the exhibitors of Sector "Egypt”.

We are happy to announce that Mr. Ahmed Gabr is onboard with us now as the Brand Ambassador and Official Representative of Moscow Dive Show in Egypt and other Red Sea countries. The necessary proxi has already been granted to Mr. Gabr, so we expect many more Egyptian participants at the next Show edition.

- The vivid video record about booth specifications and additional equipment has been completed. This will help future exhibitors to arrange their booths in the best way. We have copies of the video in Russian and in English. Please refer to the section "Prices and Booths" on the web site of the Show to watch the video.

- The advertisement and promotion campaign of the Show is planned to be launched in September. Daily news from the organizers and participants are to be published in our groups on Facebook, Instagram and VK.

- The Gostiny Dvor acts as a vaccination center for now, but from September 1st they plan to continue their usual fairground activities. We strongly believe that by that time the COVID case rate will go down, and all events will be allowed to be held in Moscow with no restrictions.