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SEABIKE — водные велосипеды и аксессуары

Phone: +7 (495) 357-32-00
Web site: http://seabike.ru
E-mail: info@seabike.com
ООО «Center of modern elaborations «Module» presents SEABIKE by MODULE. We design, manufacture, deliver and service water bikes – SEABIKE, accessories and spare parts.
The highest quality of workmanship and attention to every detail. We operate in 69 countries around the world!
We are glad to see you in our online store www.seabike.com

SEABIKE SPORT -  designed for people who have already mastered the movement in the water using SEABIKE and want to achieve greater speed and agility in the water.
This model has a function for fixing your foot to the pedal. Pedal contact increases power developed by the swimmer that increases efficiency and speed of the SEABIKE.
This set is equipped with a quick release mounting system on the mechanisms of the body of a swimmer, it allows you to stretch your arms forward, which drastically reduces the resistance of the swimmer. In addition, there is an opportunity to dive with snorkel or diving equipment. To be able to use this model, you need to purchase boots with spike and trapeze SEABIKE for fastening to the body.

SEABIKE SURFING designed for surfing on the waves and differs from the standard or sports, being devoid of sharp corners and edges. It has high anti-pinch which is required for surfing at high, breaking waves. This is achieved by using the blades of the propeller, the steering fin and special round shape miniwing with rounded edges. The same applies to the shape of the fore and aft cooks. Pedals of SEABIKE SURF are protected by plastic fairings as well as having no sharp corners.

Authorised dealer in Europe:
Via Maria Maragliano 24/7  
16038 Santa Margherita Ligure  
Genova, Italy  
E-mail: sales@seabike.com
Tel.: +7-915-983-37-84

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