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Speardiver International Inc is a Florida based company, offering a full range of quality freediving and spearfishing equipment. Speardiver brand was started by breath hold spearfishermen looking for the best gear to meet their requirements. Continuously experimenting with equipment over two decades of underwater hunting, and staying in step with the latest manufacturing technology, we ended up with what works best. Now our goal is to provide the freediving spearo with the same no-frills, high quality gear that's uncompromising in its suitability for the task, at a fair price.

Our product lineup was measured against the best freediving and spearfishing equipment currently available, and engineered to fill in the gaps left by other manufacturers. Before being offered to the public all Speardiver gear is tested by our local south Florida freedivers and then by freedive spearfishermen across the continental US and the Caribbean. Input from users about how we can improve and expand our products is facilitated through the spearfishing forum www.speardiver.com. All freediving and spearfishing gear you will see here we use ourselves and recommend without hesitation. At this time Speardiver brand products are sold exclusively through www.freedivestore.com and our Fort Lauderdale store.

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