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Sublife — производитель подводного снаряжения

Phone: +375 29 333 80 86 (Viber)
Web site: http://www.sublife.by/
E-mail: sales.sublife@yandex.ru
Address: Беларусь Минск ул. К.Чорного 31

In Sublife for you are: a full line of regulators and the best AquaLung suits, a full line of decompress meter and devices from Suunto, the well-known compensators from SeaQuest, masks, flippers, tubes and lamps from Technisub, suits and regulyators Seemann, highlights from Beuchat, and especially for hunters – guns and SeacSub masks, suits, flippers and guns from Picasso, and another, including – technical consultations, support of guarantee and post warranty service. Much of the transferred equipment is checked by personal practice of shop staff and the whole chain of regular customers who vigilantly watch the appearing novelties. For your specific inquiries – service of individual orders. And, of course, the thought-over system of discounts – for everyone!

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