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01.19, 2016
We meet the new participant - Vodolazoff. The main idea of the Vodolazoff project is to give the chance to everyone who wants to organize the rest and diving in different corners of the world independently and without any efforts. We are divers, and we work for divers. We live and we work in those countries where you want to visit! We provide information on places of immersions, the prices, discounts, features of diving in the different countries.
01.18, 2016
Outdoor advertising has begun.
01.15, 2016
"Marlin" - the new participant of Moscow Dive Show. More than 4 years we let out highqualified and reliable equipments. Our assortment presents the big model range of diving suits for spearfishing from a neoprene of Sheico and Yamamoto #38, and also vests, socks, gloves, undershirts, shorts, flippers, masks, tubes, knives, buoys and a set of accessories. This year at the Moscow Dive Show exhibition - the Marlin brand will present novelties of 2016 - which won't leave anybody indifferent to our brand.
01.15, 2016
Exotic diving in the Japan Sea - Divebios. According to number of animal species and plants, the Japan Sea is the richest of the seas of Russia. Because of the wide temperature range, the conditions in the sea in summer are suitable for a survival of subtropical fauna, and in inter - for moderate and even Arctic. it is the main thing in diving in waters of the Japan Sea: here the North and the South meet.
01.14, 2016
The Zlatoust watch factory - watches for real men. Legendary diving Zlatoust watches once were companions of almost each diver of the Navy of the USSR. Since 2007 the release of these watches has been resumed at number 192ChS. Now they again can be bought and they will serve the owner even in the most severe conditions. These are watches for real men.
01.14, 2016
The new participant - "Nereis" dive-center. Our center is in the Chupinsky bay of Kandalaksha Bay of the White Sea, in the settlement of Chkalovsky, (railway station of Chup). Immersions take place along walls and stone slopes which overgrew with colonies of actinium, astsidiya and soft corals. It is possible to see various starfishes, nudibranch, a set of any fine trifle, magnificent catfishes and there is a lot of remarkable!
01.12, 2016
The list of hostels in the section "Our Recommendations" was replenished. The list of the recommended hostels for accommodation of foreign and nonresident guests of an exhibition was replenished. Come into the section "Our Recommendations" and choose! Hostels provide a discount of 10% for all visitors of Moscow Dive Show and for this purpose it is necessary to call a special code - "We are on an underwater exhibition".


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