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01.22, 2016
The joint booth of Lotsman shop and the gun "Vector" on Moscow Dive Show. Guns for spearfishing of Vector II - pneumatic guns with valvate locking of the piston. The main advantages of the gun are: originality of a design, thin receiver, small weight, shot accuracy etc. Lamps "Dirty trick" - the excellent decision for spearfishing and diving. Lamps combine the good brightness and a long time of work in the mode of the maximum power.
01.21, 2016
Fund of assistance to performance of a state program "Available environment". The fund was organized by the Akwa Globe dive-club, oldest in Anapa, which is engaged in immersion of people with violations of musculoskeletal system since 2011. 7 people with disabilities of 1 group are at the moment trained. Annually about 40 people plunge into a season.
01.20, 2016
The diving Club "Black Shark" - the new participant of an exhibition. The diving Club "Black Shark" since 2003 is the reliable friend on diving, sports and extreme tourism, offering various types of service and rest forms in various parts of the world! We develop programs, according to wishes of clubmen. Our diving club develops a dive-safari and daily- dive- tours, rents equipment and transport for clubmen.
01.20, 2016
At the booth of the Meikon company. Specialists of the Meikon company together with the Sony company will demonstrate the work of underwater boxes with photoequipment, results of testing of video 4K on Sony RX100 IV and pictures taken on Sony A7R II. At the booth you will be able to see a new line of underwater boxes with replaceable ports. An action for the period of an exhibition - a discount of 10%.


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