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01.12, 2016
City hospital of S.Botkin is the new participant. City hospital of S.Botkin is the only in the Board of Health in Moscow that has the license for treatment in the field of diving medicine. In the Office of hyperbaric oxygenation (GBO) and diving medicine there is a qualified diving doctor. Specialists of office of GBO saved up unique experience in treatment of a decompressive illness ("kessonka") mostly brought by divers from the warm seas (and also from cold, and even from pressures chamber) - more than 125 cases in 5 years.
01.11, 2016
Vodolaz Diving Servises on Moscow Dive Show 2016. Vodolaz Diving Servises - training in cave diving, sale of the equipment for cave and technical diving: dry SF Tech suits, Shearwater computers, light systems and technical equipment Light Monkey, DiveRite, underwater towers Submerege.
01.11, 2016
We meet the new participant - dive-center OLA. It is located in the south of Tenerife. Technical and recreational diving. We organize immersions on the boats RIB and the Trimaran and from the coast. The center is equipped with the membrane compressor and the threemixed panel. Seasonality of immersions is year-round.
01.11, 2016
The new participant - Pelengas. PELENGAS company was organized in 2007, and proved itself as domestic producer of qualitative equipment for spearfishing for reasonable prices. All products TM PELENGAS are developed and tested by skilled underwater hunters and only after that appear on show-windows of shops.
12.28, 2015
It became much simpler to share the adventures - GoPro SCORPENA. It became much simpler to share the adventures for the owners of GoPro SCORPENA offers a model X mask with standard fastening with the screw in a package. It is necessary only to fasten boxing with the camera on a mask and to dive. A viewing angle of a mask is commensurate with a corner of shooting of the camera, and the black silicone shutter conceals patches of light, allowing to be focused on object of shooting.
12.25, 2015
Soft and effective Beuchat Jetta flippers. Soft and effective flippers with an open heel are let out in three bright colors. They will suit also adults, but the main thing they will serve some seasons to quickly growing younger generation, thanks to elastic fastening of foot. The antisliding covering of a sole and a small inclination of the blade allows to move, without removing flippers, or to put on them on the coast and to come into water with comfort. Flippers are available in sizes from 32 to 47.5.


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