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12.16, 2015
NASE Worldwide National Association of SCUBA Education: Progressive and modern training in diving from a snorkeling to cave programs. This year we submit the second edition of the Textbook xTek Cave, and also textbooks at the courses OWD, AOWD, Rescue, Nitrox, DM, xTek Basic&Rescue, xTek45.
12.16, 2015
Laboratory of underwater communication and navigation on Moscow Dive Show. The laboratory develops and makes navigation speaker systems for divers, TPA and ANPA, and also systems of hydroacoustic communication, including digital multiple access, transfer of telemetric information, code, alarm, voice. The original technical solutions applied by us in our production are our development, many of which have no direct analogs both in Russia, and beyond its limits.
12.14, 2015
We meet the new participant - Dive & Boats. Dive & Boats is the project of the tour operator company Travelmart, devoted to a diving safari. Unlike diving with accommodation, a diving safari gives more opportunities, for example, to leave further from the coast and to plunge in places where divers from the coast can't get, in places where the underwater world is presented in the primitive beauty where there are more types of corals and sea inhabitants.
12.14, 2015
"Fans of the underwater photo. The best. 2012-2015" The most active Fans of the Underwater Photo on Facebook will present to visitors of Moscow Dive Show the best works during existence. The exposition will be developed in a zone of the main scene. On Wednesday February 3 representation of authors on a scene, display of a slideshow and communication with public will take place from 18.00 till 19.00.
12.11, 2015
The new participant - "White Griffin" dive-center. We organize diving for all comers to glance to the underwater world in which at each immersion you find for yourself something interesting. After all you don't know every time, what species of fish will get to you during underwater excursion. What landscapes you will see this time.


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